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This is the second half of the story, started in my last post, about making a rosette from spalted beech.

The next step was to cut the channels around the edge of the rosette to receive the border strips. Again, I used my jig mounted Dremel for this.


Here the channels have been cut and the decorative strips bent more or less to the right curvature on the bending iron ready for glueing in.


And here is the finished rosette, planed flush with the soundboard and given a wipe of shellac. I shan’t cut the soundhole until I’ve planed the soundboard down to it final thickness.




  1. That is a beautiful rosette. It almost looks like an agate stone sliced through. Is the beech punky at all? I have worked some spalted maple that had gone a little too far and it was soft or spongy- the plane ripped the fibers to pieces. Nice work!

    • Many thanks for your kind comment. You’re right about the difficulty of working with spalted wood when the rot has gone too far. That’s why I stabilised it by glueing it to a thin plywood base. But I was lucky with this piece, which hadn’t gone too soft and wasn’t hard to plane level with the surface of the soundboard.

  2. What a beautiful rosette!. When you talked about using that piece of spalted maple in the previous post I didn’t imagine it with the strips, but it’s a nice touch. It brings out the beauty of that maple (BTW, I had never seen it before).

    • Again, many thanks for your generous comments.

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