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Pictures are better than words when it comes to describing how to make something. So yesterday, I made a curved sole finger plane, keeping a camera within reach to record each step. I hope these photographs will be a useful supplement to the written instructions in my last post. Read across the rows to stay in sequence and click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view and (sometimes) more detailed comments.



  1. Very fine work. I am impressed. Can you recommend a ready made group of planes. I’m planning on a line of mandolins.

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  3. Love the violin planes. I’m just making one but could you please clarify step 9 in the instructions regarding where to place the crossbar. A diagram would help as I’ve tried to follow the various parallel lines, combined thickness, third parallel lines instructions but ended up a little baffled. I know its not critical. Have picked up some really helpful tips along the way including the razor blade scraper. Thank you.

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  2. […] He makes the planes from European oak or boxwood and chisels them out of a solid block. This is a technique that I intend to re-visit. All the planes that I’ve made recently followed the Krenov method in which you start by sawing two slices off the block to make the sides of the plane, shape the bed and throat from the middle section, and then glue it back together. There are some photographs of this method of construction here and here. […]

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